Mini filters

А number of parameters must be taken into account in order to select correct filters for drip irrigation,

  • the required degree of filtration,
  • different degrees of contamination of irrigation water,
  • the required bandwidth,
  • pressure loss across the filter;


Mesh Filters- the simplest, used with relatively clean water to prevent mechanical particles from entering to the drippers. Usually the cheapest and have a small filtration area.

Disc filters – due to the peculiarities of the filter element (a set of plastic discs), they are used to purify water with an increased level of contamination. They have a large filtration area, so they are more expensive than mesh counterparts.

Mesh filters differ from disc filters only in a cartridge. But at the same time, disk has many advantages:

  • Efficiency – disc filters last longer between flushing phases due to the larger filtration area.
  • Reliability – Plastic discs are stronger and more durable than stainless steel mesh.
  • Operation – The disc filter for irrigation is faster and easier to rinse compared to the strainer.

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